Journey South – Are we there yet….can too many adventures be too many?

Where to start? Since my spectacular fall onto our Monitor, I haven’t felt my top self. So driving the boat or assisting Marcus has been hard on me. Normally I love to run, work out or do a yoga session before leaving for the day, but since my fall even talking to my family and friends has been hard…I think I’m supposed to rest…. hopefully soon…

We left on December 26th our new favored town Wilmington NC and travelled South – travelled by some beautiful mansions and docked at the lovely City of Holdan Dock. Luna was in heaven exploring the world…

On Dec. 27th we continued our drive South on the ICW driving by more mansions – we love how they build the houses in North Carolina with all their private boat docks.

As I didn’t feel so well we tried to make shorter legs and on Sunday Dec. 28th we stopped at Myrtle Beach. While we were fueling a nice Canadian couple started to talk to us. They also own a Jefferson 52″ boat like ours – how exciting to meet somebody with the same boat.

We met later for a chat and the next morning before we left we enjoyed breakfast together and admired each others boat. We were in boat haven and feel we met friends for life! We can’t wait to meet again!

We travelled along more mansions and boat docks and arrived finally in South Carolina – yeahhhh!!!!!!

During our drive we felt there was a funny diesel smell…. it got stronger…. After we arrived on the most romantic and secluded anchoring stop,

Marcus realized there was something wrong with our fuel tank. He started to study the manual and surveys about our boat. It seems that the tanks were not equalizing anymore and one engine was topping off one tank and receiving from the other. SO that resulted to Diesel spilling into the Bilge. Despite trying everything – Marcus couldn’t figure out what to do and on top we found out a couple of days ago that our insurance coverage only went until North Carolina…we were in process to get it extended…..

Needless to say that Marcus and I had a sleepless night

There are always back ups – also when it comes to the Diesel engine:
* Equalization line between tanks
* two Diesel supply lines
* a transfer pump to move Diesel from one to the other tank.
Unfortunately all three options seemed to be faulty, maybe we were only relying on one option the entire time.

After consulting our good friend and neighbor Don who was driving back from Wisconsin to Jersey and some tips from our new friend Jamie, Marcus got confident to shut off one tank and use only one.

That seemed to work, Marcus was afraid to starve the engines and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere, but luckily both engines started up and kept on going without any issues!

Every hour Marcus was switching tanks manually to keep them equal and it worked out!

Despite being nervous, it didn’t stop us to admire the beauty we came across today

and we arrived to our last anchorage before our destination for a while = Charleston!

We were greeted with the most amazing sunset and raising moon and on top we just go the confirmation of our insurance coverage being extended – and another dolphin said hallo ( we saw those beautiful creatures every day so far and we learned from our new Jefferson boat friends that they mean good luck)…..

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5 Responses to Journey South – Are we there yet….can too many adventures be too many?

  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    So love Charleston! Where are you staying, and for how long? Me thinks we need a Zoom catch up! Do spend time there, a lovely city with TONS of great restaurants, sure most doing take out. Let me know when you two have time to catch up! XO

    • marcuseich says:

      We planning to stay for a month at Safe Harbor, already took a stroll in the old city and we are excited to explore the city for the next month. Jolanda is trying to find out restaurants with outdoor seating. I’ll check with Jolanda and let you know when it is a good time to catch up.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon, Jolanda. Keep looking forward to those rewards at the beginning and end of the day. The sunrises and sunsets will always be the beginning and ending of your day’s story. Thinking of you and wishing you more fun and less “adventures.”

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