Friday November 13th – City of Lewes – Our Journey South

We anchored for 5 days in Cape May and Marcus really wanted to experience something new…So at 5:30 a.m. our alarm went off and we made ourselves ready to travel to the City of Lewes which was about 2 1/2 hours away from Cape May

It was an interesting feeling to see only ocean around us.

We made great progress until suddenly our instruments stopped working. Marcus sounded concerned, but remember our neighbors in Cape May travelled from Rhode Island to Cape May without instruments – they only used their phones…. So if Tiawni and Hunter can, we can too – NO?

But then Marcus explained that something could be wrong with the left engine as only the instruments on the left engine either showed scary high measurements or was not working and the autopilot went dead….Marcus managed manually to measure the temperature of the engines with a heat gun and to our relieve they didn’t seem to be over heating.

Marcus then switched some breakers and suddenly the engine instruments worked again….

The autopilot is still not working as of this moment.

We docked though successfully at the Marina City of Lewes which is in the middle of the cutest City called the same City of Lewes.

And discovered that our TV died on the way over… we knew we were risking it – leaving the TV like that and are both glad we had an excuse to get this big old thing out of our way – our place feels so much more bigger now

After a productive day working finally enjoying the sunset

Tomorrow if weather permits we plan to travel in the morning to Chesapeake City where we hope to meet our god child Lucas, his parents and sister (our Upper West Side family we lived with before we moved to Jersey City.

Below our 4th god child ❤️ with his lovely wonderful sister

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