Saturday Nov. 14th – Our Journey South

It was hard to leave the City of Lewes… after a great day we had an amazing dinner at Striper Bites sitting outside in 12 C temperature but it was worth every cold minute….

We had a good night sleep and left in the morning with the beautiful scenery of City Lewes

It was a perfect day…. gorgeous sunny weather, cold but no adventures to report…..except that the Swiss football team “almost” won in soccer against Spain….by the way our super duper goal keeper held 2 penalties…. these are the best days….

We arrived at Chesapeake City around 4:30…. Chesapeake City has a free floating dock…. amazing….. when we approached…. no boat was at the free dock…. however out of nowhere two boats docked right in front of us… they were nice enough to move forward so we could squeeze in.

We noticed this great looking Tikki bar across and we went for dinner – the bar didn’t disappoint… still in heaven – Best vodka ever – Deep EDDy with really grapefruit juice….with some really yummy seafood!

Have a wonderful Saturday night

Our journey of today

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  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    Don’t you just love the beautiful, colorful lights on the docks there?! ❤️

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