I took my first shower this year …….. on the boat

Happy New Year everyone.
Last weekend was DIY time on the boat for me (as Jolanda is enjoying the warm weather in Las Vegas). The goal was to be able to take a shower, without flooding the boat. A couple of things needed to be fixed first:

1. The water connection on the kitchen faucet was leaking because of a brass connector, I found a plastic replacement (luckily the boat came with a lot of spare parts), installed it, and voila it was dry.
2. Due to the leak above the water tank was empty, unfortunately someone on the marina used the water pipes but did not open the valves on both ends, so the water in the pipes could drain. As the result the water in the pipe froze and I had to wait until Saturday afternoon when it melted and I could re-fill the water tanks.
3. There is a pump on the boat to pump out the shower water (showers are below the water line), due to my lack of knowledge on the operation, I kept it on constantly and of course i burned out after a while. On Sunday the new pump arrived and I was able to install it with the operation switch. Now that I made myself familiar with the operation I hope it will be good for some time. Good thing is, if you can fix these kind of things it will cost you not more than $200 in comparison if a mechanic would come it would be around $1000. Also you would not believe it but it is fun.

The pump is the white round thing and the switch next to it

After all of that I had the most incredible Hollywood shower on Sunday night. Yes I have some water left in the tanks.

On Sunday morning I had my next docking lesson with Captain Troy. It started off like that: Every time you starting an engine you need to make sure that it is cooled correctly, to check that you need to see some cooling water coming out of the exhausted pipe (cooling water is the water outside of the boat, being circulated around the engine and pumped out again). On the port (left) side water came out, on the starboard (right) side only once in a while and only on high power. So we concluded that there is no proper cooling on the engine and the engine might overheat.

Now it gets interesting:

– First we checked that the valve letting water into the boat cooling system is open
– Now we checked that the filter (sea strainer) has no dirt which prevents waterflow
– Now we checked the little propeller (impeller) which pumps the water through the engine. This took us for ages as the 5 screws were very difficult to access and our big fingers did not help. We had to disconnect a fuel line and we got covered in diesel and seawater. After a long time getting everything open and realizing the propeller was in good condition we ran out of ideas.
– Ok one last try, we put some washing liquid into the filter (sea strainer), in case anything that is in the cooling system may dissolve. I walked to the back of the boat, Troy started the engine and immediately the marina was covered in soap foam (sorry forgot to take pictures) 🙂

So as a conclusion, the cooling system was running properly from the beginning, only the outlet of the cooling water was under the waterline so we could not see that. Drenched in oil, diesel and seawater we started our docking lesson. I successful docked the boat the first time on my own..

Here is a picture from Luna not being impressed with our service:

This post was not the usual “lot of pictures” post, but I hope you liked it and the boating friends might had a laugh or learned something.

Until then…..

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  1. Ron says:

    What a repair odyssey. Incredible what you are going through to make your dream come true!

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