Temperature Stresstest

So last weekend was -15C (5F) felt like -25C (130F), the question was how is “Sky’s The Limit” coping.

First exciting news: we have high speed internet on the boat, thanks to the engineer from Comcast who installed the cable on Saturday before the cold. We had 3 engineers coming but we are finally “online” and Jolanda does not have to work from the coffee shop any more.

On Sunday i had my 3rd lesson with Troy boat handling, as we progressed the wind picked up and it became a challenge to keep the boat upwind. One important lesson I learned was to back out from a dangerous position, rather than going forward and steering away. The bow (front of the boat) is much more difficult to steer than the stern (back).

On Monday morning the wind was blowing and the temperatures were far below freezing, as a result the fresh water pipe in the boat froze and I had no water.

It took me some time to find out what the problem was. The waterpump froze because I did not block the vents for the engine room. This was a stupid mistake I took the old foam mattress from the guest-room and cut it to use as insulation.

After that I borrowed my neighbors hairdryer and warmed up the water hose. Two hours later I had running water again. Also the ice and wind took his toll on one of the fenders, apparently they have a livelong warranty, let’s see if that is true.

A lot of people asking me if it is really worth it, I can tell you with a view like that and sitting next to our lovely and heartwarming cat Luna, it is..

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  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    Oh, yes, it is worth it!

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