Taking a break in Mexico

Last week Jolanda and I went to Mexico City, where I had to go for work. Monday is a bank holiday so we are having a long weekend to explore the region. First we went with our new transportation vehicle (Lime scooter) all across Mexico City we managed to ride 5 miles from Polanco to the Old Town without getting run over by a car or hitting a pedestrian.

On Saturday we went for a hiking tour to the volcano. The hike was a total distance of 2.6 miles and an elevation gain of 6,300ft. In the end we were rewarded with a incredible view of Popocatepetl. Our group was amazing and after a little rest we went out in the evening for dinner.

Sunday will be a relaxing day in Roma with food and walking around the neighborhood also getting prepared for the cold weather when we flying back to New Jersey. We really enjoyed our time in Mexico City and the people we met. Hopefully we will come back soon again.

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