It has been one year …..

since our journey started to pick up our boat in Maryland

There were a lot of ups and downs during the last year, but overall we are still happy with our decision to move onto the boat long term. Especially our friends and neighbors were a big help to keep us floating. Thanks so much everyone:

We went twice to Coney Island, once to City Island and did a few cruises around Manhattan. In addition we did the initial trip up from Maryland (see last years blog). Overall we did 105hrs driving the boat.

The memories we have the honor to experience on the boat are priceless and our friends enjoy spending time on the boat as well. Most of the vital parts have been fixed now but there is still a long list to fix for next year. We are already planning some exciting trips for 2020 (which is a very special year for both of us). Stay tuned, we can’t wait for the next adventures.

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  1. Congratulations, you two…well done! You have accomplished sooooo much in that year!
    We’re in Mobile, AL, and will be crossing to FL when the weather allows in early Jan. We’ll be in touch!

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