Another Adventure – another beautiful wedding

A few weekends ago we were fortunate to be invited to our friends Ewa and Bill’s wedding upstate New York. The place is a beautiful estate for members only. Bill’s family is a member since many generations. For the wedding Ewa asked us if we could organize a white convertible to drive her to the ceremony. So we booked a flashy white convertible BMW two months ahead on Turo (it is a website like Airbnb for cars), the location for the pickup was around our corner. Unfortunately the night before we were supposed to pick up the car, the owner cancelled the booking. Desperately we booked a convertible with HERTZ at Newark Airport in the middle of the night. The next morning we took a Lyft to the airport and the incredible HERTZ team managed to get us a white convertible (Chevrolet is not BMW but we did not mind as it was white).

After we arrived we were greeted by our friends and their family with an awesome dinner. The next day we explored the estate and we could not believe that we had an entire lake including island on our own. It was so peaceful and scenic. 

The wedding ceremony was outstanding and our convertible was also one of the highlights.

The party went long into the night and we danced until the next morning. Ewa and Bill we can’t thank you enough to allow us to be part of your wedding. Your amazing friends, family and location made it an incredible experience for us.

See below the video taken from the wedding by the toastmaster.

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