On August 20th ……

79 year ago Marcus Mum was born. We going to meet her on Christmas this year to go on Vacation and see the Christmas market . She was planning to visit the boat but this year she was just too busy with all the travel plans.

59 years later Marcus made his first skydive jump in Luetzelinden / Germany. This year marks his 20 years in Skydiving. Unfortunately I have no pictures from this historical event but I found one from the following year in Indonesia and one of the first jumps Jolanda and Marcus together in the air.

And of course the most important date was August 20th 2005 when Jolanda and Marcus got married at the Brissago Islands in the south part of Switzerland. The wedding was a weeks long celebration with 18 different nationalities.

Even Luna was in a celebration mood.

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3 Responses to On August 20th ……

  1. Sergio Cardozo says:

    Congratulations Jolanda and Marcus ¡¡¡

    We will augur many years more together.

    Sergio y Diana from La Mar de Bien. Colombia.

    • Jolanda says:

      Hi Sergio & Diana, wonderful to hear from you – and thanks for your wishes – we hope that your paradise La Mar de Bien is all well! Hope to come back

  2. Nancy LeMoine says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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