More home improvements

Last weekend was very productive, I exchanged the broken toilet seat, we tightened the rubber hoses from the heater so they don’t leak any more. We might have solved the leaking of the aircon (time will tell) and also we took apart the generator. A big thanks to our neighbors, without them we would not be able to do that. It took us (or better Don) two days to losen the generator to be able to take out the coils of the generator. The service centre of the generator has helped me to troubleshoot and it seems that the coils are shot.

Now we just need a shop who can help us to replace the coils and of course put everything together again. As a little thank you we invited our supporting crew to a dinner at our favorite restaurant The Archer which is partly owned by Jolanda’s sailing buddy Jessie and has the most delicious drink and food menu.

There are some more projects in the pipeline e.g. building a new housebank (if someone can tell me where to get cheap golf card batteries let me know). On the downside I learned that ALL of the leaks which I thought I fixed have proven me wrong after the last thunderstorm. Next weekend is skydiving time, so a little brake from dirty hands in the engine room.

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