Journey Back North – Celebrating Friends and Boat improvements at Solomons Island

We arrived at our next location Solomons Island MD to meet with our friends Rebecca and Joseph. They were in the progress of selling their house and moving onto the sailboat full time. We are forever grateful that they still took the time to help us with teaching us boat improvements and be part of our adventures. The week started with beautiful weather so we dropped the dingy in the water and explored the islands. Luna was very interested as well. There are lot of restaurants with water access, one just has to pull up.

Exploring with our Dingy “Ugly Duckling”

On top of all the stress from selling the house, Josep and Rebecca had another challenge. One morning their dog Pike was trying to jump down the stairs of the sailboat where he fell and hurt his leg, Joseph picked him up to bring him to the vet, when he carried Pike up the stairs he slipped and broke his ankle. So both of them had to go to the doctor the same day and both got casts…. You can’t really make that story up, but have a look at Pike and his face how proud he is to share the injury with his “dad”.

Two days later Josep had an medical appointment in Washington DC so we took him on a “road trip” to explore DC.

Then it was time for boat improvements, working on the fiberglass and wood was our top priority, also we wanted to install our new water heater (replacing the one which prematurely started leaking). Rebecca was teaching us all about fiberglass, gelcoat and treating wood. She is amazing and such a talent. We could not believe how good it turned out.

We had so many great dinners to celebrate our friendships

Don’t worry we did not leave Luna behind….

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