Journey back North – Maryland

So we left Oriental and continued our way up north, our next stop was Alligator River. On our way down South in late November we were towing a sailing boat behind us. This time it was much quicker at full speed. We ended up in the evening at a gorgeous anchorage, away from civilization (it seemed). As you can see we had a very nice dinner.

We continued our way to Chesapeake City Virginia which is Mile Marker 1 of the Intercostal Waterway (ICW) which we have been following down and up for a long time by now.

The next day we went through the lock at the Great Bridge and a few railroad brides and arrived bac in Maryland. Our first stop there was Deltaville. Everyone recommended to stay a night at Fishing Bay and that is what we did. We did a workout in the evening and a yoga session in the morning, I think even Luna enjoyed it (of course she would not show us).

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  1. Philip Johnston says:

    Great trip

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