Journey Back North – We love the Carolina’s

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Wow, wow wow – do we love Carolina Beach…

We had a smooth and easy passage from North Myrtle Beach to Carolina Beach on the open ocean. 

We have Dutch boating friends who recommended us to stay at Carolina Beach. So Marcus checked out  the mooring area and it looked like a safe place to be for a few days.

What a marvelous place it is! On one side is the canal where we moored the boat. We could go easily with the Dingy to the city or the small marina which had restrooms and a cool coffee shop. On the other side was the beach – beautiful endless beaches to run, walk and even do our MR Calisthenics class. The weather was also with us and it was warm and beautiful until the last day. 

We had so much fun to explore the area and Restaurants with our Dingy and Scooters.

Wrightsville Beach to Oriental 
On Easter Friday we moved our boat from the beautiful mooring at Carolina Beach to another cute place called Wrightsville Beach which is right at an inlet to go out to the ocean. 
By now the weather changed and it was bitterly cold – almost 0 C (35F) at night and not much warmer during the day and windy. We had to get some diesel and Marcus did such an incredible job in this wind to dock safe and leave the Marina again without hitting anything.

At Wrightsville beach it was easy to drop the anchor at a protected area. Early on Easter Saturday we got up and started our journey to Oriental via Beaufort / NC….. I just got reminded why I hate cold weather….. I didn’t have any heater patches anymore and despite wearing my ski cloth I was cold all day… to make matter worse we had the first 4 hours much higher waves than forecasted. We got smashed around and there was a lot of water coming in into the V-berth. Luna was not impressed…..

We made it totally exhausted to Oriental where we got our hard work paid off with the most beautiful sunset and anchorage…. Even though the Anchorage was a bit too small for my taste. I prefer, like skydiving, no other people or boats near me…. Marcus loves to push “the envelope” to get closer and have more exciting experiences….. After a bit of back and forth and resetting the anchor we both were happy and switched on the anchor alarm and enjoyed a well deserved glass of wine and about 10 hours of sleep…..

Easter Sunday 
I was still exhausted when I woke up. Marcus was full of energy and ready to go…. I would have loved to just take the day off… My beautiful girlfriend Nora from Singapore left me a message if I could contact her when I’m awake…So I happily stayed in bed and had a wonderful conversation until Marcus couldn’t contain his energy… we went…lucky the weather improved immensely to a comfortable 22 C (about 68F)…

Still I was a bit sad not to have a proper Easter Brunch and to celebrate Easter…. I then went on to listen to one of my favored motivators Bob Baker & Pooki Lee (see – if you ever feel down, I highly recommend them!). 

I felt like on top of the world again and connected with our family and our most wonderful friends via messaging which lifted me even further up. I also managed to clean up the boat a bit after yesterday rampage…with everything flying around and hide Marcus Easter basket…
Our beautiful friend Michelle inspired me with her champagne picture to put a bottle of sparkling in the fridge so we can proper celebrate tonight. 

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