Journey Back North

About a week ago we started our journey back heading up north. During the first leg from Savannah to Charleston we wanted to meet up with our friends Bob and Elizabeth. They were traveling the opposite direction and we thought Beaufort would be a nice place to spend an evening together. Unfortunately they where not fast enough to make it so we decided to go as far as we could go until dawn .

At the end of the day we were just 10 miles apart, but it was getting too dark. So our friends had a great idea to meet up for breakfast. Their anchorage was an incredible place and it was our first time to raft up to another boat. Thanks Elizabeth and Bob (In No Hurry) to show us how to do it.

A little practice to fly my new drone:

The journey back to Charleston was very relaxing with mostly high waters. We received a very warm welcome at Safe Harbor Marina in Charleston. Initially we had a couple of cold days (for Southern standards) but the temperatures improved rapidly. We really looking forward to spend another month in Charleston until we are continuing our journey back to Jersey.

Back at Charleston (try to spot our boat)

A bit cold but still up for a run around the park

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2 Responses to Journey Back North

  1. Philip Johnston says:

    Great safe voyage

  2. Michaela says:

    I can’t wait to join you one day in the not too distant future. I hereby invite myself 🙂

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