Journey South – Savannah – our favorite city

It has been a month since we arrived in Savannah. We fell in love with this beautiful city!

Savannah has the most amazing big Oak trees with Spanish Moss everywhere, every corner is a park or square with beautiful plants and statues. Breathtaking victorian houses, a lively historical city center, unbelievable amount of outdoor restaurants and roof top bars…. and…. you can legally drink alcohol on the street….. we were at our first roof top bar and the waitress asked us if we like to have our drink poured in a plastic glass so we can take it with us….Amazing….

Impressions of Savannah

One part we absolutely adore about the boating live – making new friends! You might remember when we arrived at Thunderbolt Marina in Savannah we had some issues with electricity and it blew up some of our equipments… Somehow this got really to us. Our neighbors Susanne and Bob from Texas saw that we needed some cheering up and invited us for some delicious red wine and we never will forget their kindness to put a smile back on our faces!

After they left, new neighbors Looney and Shank arrived from Islesboro / Maine. A couple who just sold their local island store (see story) in which they worked hard for the last 25 years. Their transmission broke and due to this unfortunate circumstances we had the chance to meet another incredible couple.

One of our most joyful evening was our last night. We had our first BBQ of the year with the couple from Maine and our good friend Rick from New York who lives now in Savannah and he was the reason I was able to convince Marcus to go all the way to Savannah!

Marcus really wanted to go to Thunderbolt Marina in Savannah…and the reason was because they deliver donuts….. first due to Covid the Krispy Kreme shop was closed, but then they re-opened and you can see Marcus smile…..I think he ate more than 9 and still has 3 left…..

One reason we didn’t immediately re-located to Savannah is that the Marinas are really far away from the city. The nearest Coffee shop with a fancy Latte is 4 miles away from the Marinas…. so we incorporated a run to get our coffee fix…

Another amazing features at Thunderbolt Marina: they have a club house with gym, jacuzzi, BBQ etc. I got to know about it because of our first couple friends and surprised Marcus on Valentine’s day with the jacuzzi adventure.

We had so much fun to spend time with Rick and also doing finally some workouts in person again. For anybody who likes to work out check out Rick and Mark training online: MR Calisthenics. Also Mark does classes in person in New York City Thompson Square Park.

Another wonderful experience our run to the nearby cemetery

Here my first hair cut since over a year ago…. I feel like new again

Marcus got a drone for his birthday and this are his first attempts, I promise it wil get better – still worth though to check them out…

With a little bit of sadness we are leaving Thunderbolt Marina but we know that we will be back soon.

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3 Responses to Journey South – Savannah – our favorite city

  1. Michaela says:

    It’s a pleasure to follow all your adventures. I love this freedom that the boating life gives you. One day, when possible I join you

  2. Nancy LeMoine says:

    So glad you enjoyed beautiful Savannah and got to Bonaventure! So love it there!!

  3. Michael says:

    I’m glad you had such a good time in Savannah! I was there one once but I loved it, too. Beautiful little city. Great that you got to hang with Rick. 🙂

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