On the final stretch

Last weekend Jolanda and I visited our boat in Maryland. Jolanda was down in Annapolis for a sailing course and I joined her for the weekend to spend a day at the marina were our boat is located.

Overall everything is going according to plan, the bad weather in March delayed us so far only for 10 days. Good news is that we measured the master bed and it is queen size mattress, so we can use our own mattress (very expensive and comfortable). New expected completion date is 10 – 14th of July. We are getting excited. Since it is getting hot and our current accommodation has no Aircon, we hope we will not get fried before our boat is ready….

    Things which need to be done:

– grinding, lamination, coating and painting of the bottom
– safety issues being highlighted in the survey
– minor woodwork at the interiour
– name still needs to be changed
– disposing of some furniture
– deep cleaning (very important to Jolanda)

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  1. Juergen B says:

    Hey, you guys are getting close, that’s so exciting!

    Once you are settled in, I hope to see a walk-through video!

    Cheers for now, JB

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