Weekly Update: Good and Bad News

Ok first the bad news:
We did a Facetime call with the Marina and they explained to us that the moisture at the side of the bottom is acceptable to get laminated, but the bottom is not. So we have two choices: (1) do another surface peel which will of course cost us money and a delay of 2 weeks, or (2) heat the bottom with industrial heaters to make it dry faster, which will add another 4-6 weeks to the completion date.
We decided to go for option 1. So fingers crossed that next week the peeling starts and all moisture will be acceptable all around.

Also our good friend Ewa who is cat-sitting our cat Luna is going on holiday, so we needed to find a new home for her. Initially we hoped that Luna is getting along with another friends cat so she can stay at her place until our boat is here in NJ. Unfortunately this did not work out, we could just prevent a fight between the cats. On the bright side, Luna loves the boating life and she now lives on our boat. She is exploring the boat and marina and people seem to like her as well. We are so happy to have her back and that she is calming us down when we had stress during the day.

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  1. Sabrina Stainburn says:

    So sorry about your troubles but Luna, you look good on a boat!

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