Philipp’s surprise 50th birthday – Switzerland whirlwind visit

Before the pandemic – if somebody asked us a month before a special event – if we can make it to another country,  it would have been best case difficult when not impossible….. but when my sister Priska asked me in late February if we would  be able to celebrate her husband’s (our brother in law’s) 50th birthday – we were – why not – all our other work travel plans have been cancelled and it was super easy to find a reasonable flight. 

So on March 16th off we went in a pretty empty airplane. We were hiding one day in Zurich while we were working during the day.

In the evening we planned to have dinner with our wonderful friends Susanne and Davide, but AS Roma was playing (Davide is Italian) …..  and we were super lucky to get invited to have a seafood fondue at their place instead going to a Restaurant. At the same time Marcus team Eintracht Frankfurt was playing so Davide had an amazing set up that everybody could watch their favored team and the best both teams won!!!!!

Side note: to all (almost all ) our surprises both teams are in the final  – Rom in the Conference League and Frankfurt in the Europe League final

The next day  we took the train and bus all the way to the little village of Richenthal near Luzern where my family lives. First we surprised my Mom at the hair dresser…. then we walked with her to the birthday boy’s farm. It was gorgeous weather. It was beautiful to spend quality time with my Mom and then to see our bother in law’s surprised face was priceless. We had an amazing time celebrating and walked after the party under the full moon home.

The next day we went to redeem Marcus 50th birthday gift certificates he got for an exclusive spa on a mountain in Luzern with our good friend Thomas

After we enjoyed an amazing dinner on a boat at lake Luzern – the food was delicious

On Sunday we squeezed in a run (Marcus and Arben) and a walk and 1000 steps (Patricia and Jolanda) 

In the afternoon the  celebration continued with the immediate family from our brother in law – after some more delicious food we experienced some transportation adventures – we felt back in high school -especially with the moped….

Then we got ready to walk from Richenthal to Ettiswil – 7 miles over breathtaking hills – we walked with Marcus god child Melanie and my other sister Karin’s boyfriend.

There was even a farm store on the way with amazing looking self made products. 

On Monday Marcus did a bike ride with his god child around the nearby lake called Sempacher See while Jolanda worked.

After we all went together for an amazing yoga class which was tailored so Marcus god child got introduced to yoga.

And then we were already on the way to Zurich to fly off in the morning back to Newark New Jersey – it was an amazing visit – so grateful we were invited and could make it. 

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