When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

2022 has been one of the most exciting year so far with a lot of beautiful adventures and also a lot of changes. 

We looked so much forward to train and sail from Annapolis to Bermuda. Sadly due to illness and injury the wonderful owner Rebecca and Joseph had to pull out of the race. 

We felt heart broken with them. We knew how hard this decision had to be and admire  their braveness. We have high respect for their courage  for doing what is best for everybody! 

At the same time I was so busy – my beautiful right hand and friend Clara who worked with me for 12 years and we went through so much, built and amazing business together and made me a better person received a job offer too good to refuse. I’m so proud of her! However so sad to lose Clara We almost talked daily if not on the phone via Email. She also has become like family to me and my husband. The pain losing that closeness was a new experience. 

However I have been fortunate to have two other amazing people in my life, Ewa and Faith which have been super supportive. However one can imagine how much training is involved to change over 12 years of knowledge between the new team. 

On top my work with the two clients I have is going really well and I’m more busy than ever. 

So going back to the news that our dream to sail across the Golf Stream with a sail boat came at a time I had no time to think. Also as some of you remember we acquired a huge pick up truck with a cute camper on top…..

We were meant to re-locate until the race to the Solomon Islands Maryland and work from there from our RV.

Lucky my awesome husband had time to think for both of us and came up with an amazing plan to make out of Lemons not just Lemonade but Margaritas! 

Stay tuned for more info on our next blog

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  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    Wow! So much going on! Curious why you didn’t take Sky’s the Limit to the Solomon’s, but never question your adventures! Very exciting!
    We too are planning major changes…heading to VT in a couple of weeks, planning to relocate there to be closer to the boys…have enjoyed exploring FL, but don’t love living here. First, we have Justin’s wedding in Sept., crazy, but wonderful…would so love to have the opportunity for our paths to cross!!
    Hugs to you both!! ❤️❤️

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