Stranded at Cape May

Of course there could be worse places in the world to get stranded, but we really looking forward to get home. Due to high winds we are not able to go North. We do have a weather window on Friday to make the +10hr trip.
Luckily we got new a captain called Troy from Australia helping us on that leg.
In the meantime we are enjoying the marine life here in Cape May:

We did not have the chance to go to the town until now as we have to do a lot of catch up with work, luckily the internet reception is acceptable. The fishing shop is providing free coffee and soup (unfortunately the soup contains meat) so we got some new friends already 🙂

A few little things need to be fixed on the boat but that should not prevent us to go on the ocean journey.
Keep your fingers crossed that the weather forecast will stay good for Friday.

P.s.> the heating problem has not been fixed yet so we are surviving with some temporary heaters

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  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    Oh, my…we have a nearly identical picture of the marina basin with a rainbow, as we too have been stuck in exactly the same spot due to weather! Enjoy lovely Cape May!

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