You think now you are good to go and then …..

Tomorrow we finally wanted to do our final leg back to NY. So we checked all the fluids, topped up the oil and steering liquid. I had the idea to switch on both engines to be able to start easily in the morning. Guess what? The right (starboard) engine did not start….

We did a lot of trouble shooting and could not find out what is wrong. The engine will not crank. So tomorrow we need to get a mechanic to look at the engine, that means that our weather window will close.
On the bright side I managed to get the heater running, so at least we are not freezing any more.

Let’s wait for tomorrow what the mechanic is telling us (if we get one).

Highlight of the day was a bike ride to the beach:

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9 Responses to You think now you are good to go and then …..

  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    So sorry to hear about your engine troubles….but on the bright side, you’re in Cape May, and at a full service marina. Good luck and safe travels!

    • marcuseich says:

      True, today we found out that we have to replace the starter motor, hopefully that can be fixed on Monday.
      I have to go back to the office, so going up on Sunday evening. Jolanda might stay on the boat.
      Thanks for your encouragement
      Will keep you posted

    • Jolanda says:

      Last night was hard to see the bright side, but today we are happy smilers again. We found an amazing mechanic. Would recommend it in a heartbeat Mark Schrenk from Mid Coast Marine

  2. Juergen says:

    You two are well on the way to becoming salty sea dogs and experienced mariners, and all the trouble shooting I’m sure has already built you a lifetimes worth or resilience, fortitude and persistence. Here’s hoping that all these gremlins are merely blips on the road to having a adventure free boat and home, at least when it comes to mechanical reliability. Admiring you two making the best of it!

    I was hoping you all would one year take the boat to come see us in Sarasota, but if coastal trips are like what you’ve been chronicling, it puts that in perspective. Cheers and safe journey!

    • Jolanda says:

      Dear wonderful Juergen,

      When listening to your words about lifetimes worth of fortitude etc. it seems not so bad after all anymore :-).

      Our dream is still one day to travel the world with the boat…but yes you are right not in the next few months for sure!!!

      Love from Cape May

  3. Ron says:

    Wow. Been following your journey, or should I say odyssey? 😉 You guys are suffering quite a bit. Stay healthy and positive. Good luck with the engine!

  4. marcuseich says:

    Thanks Ron, the journey continues…. We are learning a lot

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